Parent's Guide

How To Raise The Next President
A Parent's Guide To Giving Your Kid The Secrets of Success
by Sally Sacks, M.Ed.

"You can grow up to be President!" No single phrase embodies the American ideal for kids more than those seven words. It challenges and encourages our kids to reach for the stars, make the most out of what they have, and achieve success by hard work, self-confidence, love of family, and care for their community and country.

At the same time, the phrase embodies many of the attributes adults admire and emulate, such as leadership, motivation, honesty, compassion – in short, everything that makes for a presidential-quality life.

How to Raise the Next President is a groundbreaking parents' guide to teaching and instilling in their kids the qualities they'll need to be happy, successful and productive, no matter which path they choose in life. In this straightforward, easy-to-understand book, Dr. Sacks shows parents how to understand their own childhood experiences, in order to see why they parent the way they do. With this enlightened approach, readers learn to parent more effectively by changing their "inner programming" to encourage their children's emotional growth. Parents learn in this book why everything they do and say affects kids; and the steps to take to raise happier, more confident children. How to Raise the Next President will give parents the opportunity to help their kids to be the absolute best they can be.

"If our kids are our future, this book is every parent's road map. An excellent, upbeat book that will motivate and inspire parents to redirect their thinking and equip their children to be tomorrow's true leaders."
– Monique Houde, author of Blinded by Love

"This book is already a classic in my library...chock full of inspiring stories and practical advice that no parent can afford to miss."
– Lisa L. Keel, MA, LCPC, author of Embrace Yourself

"Parenting is a difficult job that's getting tougher every day, but How to Raise the Next President clearly makes it easier and much more rewarding."
– Martha Karlovetz, author of The Classroom Is Bare...the Teacher's not There​