The Essential Communication Workshop

Good communication skills are developed. Learn how to communicate with anyone; how to mitigate conflict; unlearn bad habits; and improve relationships at home and at work.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Tie the Knot

Learn to understand your partner and how they think; talk in a calm manner about issues; understand your early programming and other’s early programming, and how that may lead to conflict. Learn to listen and be mindful in communication and to operate under love, acceptance and generosity.

The Essential Parenting of Teen Seminar

Understand developmentally where your teen is at. Learn how to parent more effectively; how to promote mental health in your teen; and parent to grow an emotionally well-developed adult.

Treating Anxiety and Depression

Learn skills to refocus thinking and move out of the past. Discover how you developed your thinking that may be holding you back and move forward, using a variety of techniques. Understand the limitations of medication.

Personal Development Seminars by Sally Sacks

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