Love One Another

Thoughts On Our Times

Love One AnotherAmerica has had killings, protests, violence and more. Everyone has their opinion about what is right, what is wrong and what we should do. These are all subjective ideas based on people’s upbringing, and learned behavior. All these rioters for example do not have the same agenda. Some are peaceful, some are angry yet productive, and many empathize with those that feel slighted, left out and singled out. Others feel justified in supporting and engaging in violence. Some folks are justifying tearing up cities and some are appalled.

Empathy and Solutions

We need empathy and solutions. People protesting need answers. What is going to happen How can we guarantee police officers will be screened and educated, to weed out the destructive ones. Not all are bad. How can we be assured that there is protection for black people who have been targeted? It just takes compassion to show empathy and sympathy for others. Showing empathy for some people, (even though they may have it), is hard.  When empathy doesn’t come across, there is more unrest.

Communication and Emotional Development

This current situation is about communication and emotional development and unfortunately many intelligent people do not have it. Emotional awareness (see my seminars online), is learned not innate. You can’t change ingrained ways of behaving and thinking that have been embedded in the subconscious. You can only teach, educate and set boundaries to protect others from people’s hurtful beliefs and behaviors.

The Most Important Ingredient

Love is the most important ingredient and that is a high-level way of acting. When you love you love period. You love the oppressed and those that oppress, because they are to be pitied. It is sad to see anyone die when you live in love. It is heartbreaking to see anyone beaten.


Until we educate people how to rise to higher emotional levels we will always have issues.  Many will learn; many will not. We have to work individually and collectively to educate each other. This is what ministers, rabbis, yoga teachers, spiritual leaders, songwriters, writers, teachers, and enlightened human beings all strive to do. Keep on doing it. Education is the responsibility of each of us. We all need to come together, listening to each other and learning. We need to move forward with new visions.

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