We are a group of professionals available to help you with personal growth and development. Our mission is to help our clients develop skills and techniques to guide them through life’s challenges. We teach classes that inspire, help develop spiritual and personal growth and understanding, and allow the community to come together.

Please note that during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period, we are offering various options of communication. Please call 617-548-3694 for more information. Thank you.

Counseling Services

Marriage & Family Counseling

Many people find themselves needing some kind of marriage or family counseling, but they're nervous about taking that first step. This is a natural reaction, but starting counseling doesn't have to cause anxiety.​

Individual Counseling - 21+ Years

It is always helpful to have a listening ear, but also someone to teach you strategies to cope with being human and the challenges our own minds and everyday living in the world present.