We are a group of professionals available to help you with personal growth and development. Our mission is to help our clients develop skills and techniques to guide them through life’s challenges. We teach classes that inspire, help develop spiritual and personal growth and understanding, and allow the community to come together.

Please note that during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period, we are offering various options of communication. Please call 978-486-8046 for more information. Thank you.

Counseling Services

Marriage & Family Counseling

Many people find themselves needing some kind of marriage or family counseling, but they're nervous about taking that first step. This is a natural reaction, but starting counseling doesn't have to cause anxiety.​

Individual Counseling

It is always helpful to have a listening ear, but also someone to teach you strategies to cope with being human and the challenges our own minds and everyday living in the world present.

Teen Counseling

It is not easy being a teenager, between demands of school, hormonal changes, social pressures etc. life can be hard. With drugs and alcohol at the fingertips, addiction can be common place.

Eden Road Online Yoga

Eden Road YogaAs a therapist teaching people how to work their mind and manage emotions for many years, it was apparent to Sally Sacks that the body, mind and spirit are connected and as humans we need to nurture all aspects of ourselves for optimal mental health. And so was born Eden Road Yoga - yoga classes with a therapeutic twist. All classes are geared toward optimal physical and mental health. In the classes we incorporate hypnosis and stress management techniques to set goals and change negative patterns, combined with easy and challenging movements for everybody. Music is also an integral part of the classes at Eden Road. If you want to manage emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, get in shape, and really enjoy music and movement, then this is the class for you!

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What our clients are saying...

I didn’t know how to work with my anxiety and depression. I didn’t know about energy and how negative energy attracts more of the same. The team at Sacks and Assoc. Explained this to me. I now attend regular yoga classes for personal and spiritual growth, get acupuncture and every so often release my overwhelm through reiki. I am so grateful to have found all of this under on roof.

John, High school Teacher

My stress and stuck thinking went back to childhood. At Sacks and Associates I learned why I hold onto certain thoughts and ideas and I learned to talk to myself differently. Hypnosis helped me to get outside of myself. I like the teaching and knowledge that all of the practitioners have. I am very grateful to have found them.

Barbara G. Marketing Executive

I have struggled with weight and food for years. Hypnosis not only helped me lose weight, but the coaching along with it helped me build my confidence and let go of negative thinking holding me back from living.

Brenda G. Therapist

I had lots of trouble with anxiety. The team at Sacks and Associated helped me to learn many skills to curb my anxiety so I did not have to rely on medication alone, for the first time I felt that I had power over my anxiety.

Gerard C. Construction Worker

After my divorce I felt alone and the grief was debilitating. I was taught ways to respect and love myself and in yoga class I met wonderful people and reconnect to life.

Janet A, Nutrition counsellor & Mother.

Parenting and being a good parent was hard for me given my own upbringing. I have learned how to listed to my kids communicate more effectively, and transform old beliefs that kept me stuck. Visualizing positive changes with NLP was amazing. Sally made leaning fun and safe.

Melissa, Parent & Homemaker

My anger and control issues were affecting my marriage, and my life wanted to leave. Sally helped me to be a better communicate, and to understand how others  think and process information. She always said, do you want to be right or get along. That saying really struck a chord. I am learning how to manage my anger by relaxation techniques, hypnosis and NP. The energy healing session I had was like the weight of the world being lifted from my body.

Dave, IT Specialist